IJOHUSS 2016 Vol 3 No 1

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-Crisis of Identity: A Linguistic Study of the Attitude of the Younger Generation of Africans in the Diaspora -The Faces of Muslim/Christian Peaceful Co-existence and Sharī’ah Application in Nigeria -Energizing Communities through Popular Music for Sub Cultural Group Identity: Inferences from Selected Musical Tracks of Chief Ebenezer Obey. -Towards a Classification of Jokes in Nigerian Stand-up Comedy Performance. -Of Faces and Phases: A Stylistic Examination of the Water/ River Motif in J.P. Clark’s Poetry. -Effects of Age and Gender on Undergraduate Students’ Learning Outcomes in Citizenship Education Concepts in Social Studies. -Predictive Modelling of Office Rent in Selected Districts of Abuja, Nigeria. -Determinants of Marketed Surplus of Tomato in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. -Management of Students’ Crises in Nigerian Universities: An Overview. -Nigeria’s Foreign Policy under Jonathan’s Administration: A Critical Appraisal. -Customer Service Delivery: A Sine qua non to a 21st Century University. **DOWNLOAD at (kindly unzip after download) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oersxYEmn7g58uiX6OEaDCKLJciUjAwj