Maiden Issue, 2013

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This is the 2013 maiden issue for Ife Journal of the Humanities and Social Studies (IJOHUSS). It contains papers like: Language, Education and Social Class in Nigeria: The Bridge Hypothesis; Maternal Socio-demographic Correlates of Newborn Health Status in Northern Nigeria; Revisiting the 2007 Elections in Nigeria: Road to Justice for Aggrieved Parties; Democracy and Accountability in Pre-colonial Africa: Lessons for Contemporary African States; English Language Uses and Misuses: Causes and Effects on Nigeria’s National Development; Revisiting History, Rethinking Pan-Africanism: Failed States, Citizenship, Ethno-nationalism and Xenophobia in Alex Agyei-Agyiri’s Unexpected Joy at Dawn; A Socio-semiotic Analysis of Olúyẹmisí Adébòwálé’s Ìgbà Lonígbàákà. Political Culture and Democratic Prospects in Nigeria Religious Crises and Security Challenges in Nigeria The Relevance of Interim Financial Reports to Nigerian Investors Language as Conveyor of Ideology in Tahar Ben Jelloun’s Les yeux baissés and Partir Kayode Atilade